Intelligence India Ltd is an independent strategy consulting and
homeland security company based out of Hyderabad, India.
Our engagement is governed by strict Non-Circumvention and Non-Disclosure agreements. We operate within the framework defined by US PATRIOT Act, US FCPA, India’s Defense Procurement Procedures, The Official Secrets Act & understand US ITAR regulations thoroughly..
Welcome to Intelligence India Ltd.
Intelligence India Ltd is an independent strategy consulting and homeland security company based out of Hyderabad with its head office New Delhi, India. Intelligence India Ltd works on strategic business decisions and technical consultation for governments and large businesses – specifically in high technology, homeland security and Defence.
A partial list of our recent clients include G4S, Force Protection, HTI, ValleyForge, TripleCanopy, MilSys, Drash, Armor Express and Vumii.
We are focused on Asia and select American, European, Middle-eastern and African countries. Over the years, we have worked with bureaucrats, business leaders, media and legal & domain experts in these markets and have developed insights into business, regulatory and legal environment.
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Intelligence India Ltd is headquartered in New Delhi, India with offices in US and UAE. More details are available on Contact page.
Business Consulting
Technical Consultation
Security Consultancy in Asia
Business Consulting: We advise global businesses on their India/Asia strategy. We conduct feasibility studies, market research, local partner search, due-diligence on prospective partners amongst other things. We also work with Indian/Asian businesses trying to enter markets in Americas, Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Technical Consultation: We help global Defence, military and homeland security businesses on their India/Asia strategy. We exclusively represent their interests in India/Asia and offer end-to end-services.
Homeland Security Consultancy in Asia: We work with governments, police departments, Special Forces and equipment manufacturers towards risk mitigation and making key locations/installations (like currency printing facilities, state borders etc.) more secure.
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