Business Consulting

Conducting business in Asia can be very different from other geographies. We understand ground business realities, procedural complexities and local norms and have a proven track record of working successfully with global businesses.

Our expertise in regional operations and strategic relationship with business leaders, regulators and legal experts in India and other key Asian markets, makes us the ideal local partner for global companies trying to penetrate India/Asia.

In Asia, our efforts are concentrated in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Thailand.


Typically global businesses approach us for advice on:
  • Market Penetration

    With our expertise in local business environment and on-ground political and economic realities, we assist clients in crafting and executing the right strategy for entry/penetration/growth in these emerging economies. We eventually help minimize the risk associated with unknown in potential markets.
  • Local partners

    Country regulations require global corporations to work with local partners. We identify these potential partners, gather intelligence and conduct financial/legal due-diligence.
  • Lobbying

    We represent interests of global homeland security and Defence companies in India and indirectly lobby on their behalf. On the other hand, Indian/Asian businesses appreciate our experience of working with multinational businesses and often approach us for
  • Assistance in overseas expansion.
  • Assistance in identifying international growth opportunities.
  • Assistance in identifying potential partners in American, European and African markets.
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