Technical Consultation

Complex regulations and restrictive trade practices make it difficult for international businesses to tap the Indian market. Without an on-ground partner who understands the economic, political and regulatory environment, conducting business in India could be a mammoth challenge. And especially in an industry like military and Defence, which is subject to even more restrictions, it could be next to impossible to operate in India.

We work with global businesses engaged in Defence, military and homeland security and help them addressing this challenge.

Global clients tap into our local expertise, strong relationships and strategic alliances and work with us to understand ground realities, establish their presence in India, generate leads and navigate the complex web of regulations & bureaucracy.

Along with local knowledge, we have a strong grasp of international rules and treaties governing weapons and military trade. We operate within the framework defined by US PATRIOT Act, US ITAR and US FCPA.


We offer end-to-end services including, but not limited to, exclusive representation of business interests in India and Asia. Our clients have asked us to:
  • Help them understand the nuances of being a supplier to Indian military, Defence and other government agencies.
  • Exclusively represent their interests in India.
  • Identify offset partners in India.
  • Work on retainer, rather than one time contract, so as to have faster access to our team and partners.


A partial list of our clients include:
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